Our specialists focus upon creating sustainable change mechanisms that are systemic in nature. By using the Meta-Dia Pyramid Principle ™, we are able to obtain integration and alignment of the core elements of the change mechanism. This alignment and integration creates the overall effectiveness of the organization and the synergy that it generates. The process that is used focuses upon the core elements as follows:

Meta Dia Pyramid
Principle ™

Creating Systemic Solutions for Sustainable Change

Integrating and Aligning Core Elements for Synergy

Ensures Objectives, Strategy, and Vision are Aligned

Develops Cross Functional Organization Structure to Support Strategic Requirements through

  • Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Talent Transition
  • Career Outplacement & Transition
  • Leadership & Team Development

Identifies & Implement Key Business Processes (Make or Break)

  • Lean, Kaizen, TPS, Value Mapping, Shingo, QOS

Identifies & Implements Cultural Drivers Necessary for Motivating Desired Behaviors

  • Code of Conduct; Value Systems; Recognition
  • Team Based Participative Style
  • Customer Centricity
  • Quality Drivers, External & Internal

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"The ability to quickly assess the strategic issues from a business and organization effectiveness perspective by Gordon and his team was uncanny. The approach is unique as they require the Leadership team to actually apply the knowledge learned into a real business issue, leveraging the team based-problem solving approach. We saw immediate and concrete results and ROI impact. His background in TPS, Lean, and Shingo techniques provides a "know-how" as to the business processes that are critical and that need to be made robust."

Mike Mastergeorge President Brazonics

"From a Human Resource perspective, they were able to quickly identify the skills missing to make the "Best In Class" business strategy work, including leadership skills and team development. It was amazing what Gordon and his team were able to do for us in a short period of time. They customized the program to fit our specific needs and they were also able to provide other constructive solutions for us to go off and implement without over running our budget."

Roxanne Jewell Human Resource Manager Brazonics